How UV Germicidal Lights Filter Air in Homes and Hospitals

April 14, 2020


Keeping a clean, germ-free home is especially relevant today with the COVID-19 crisis. You might typically think of bleach or other chemicals when it comes to disinfecting surfaces of your home, but did you know that ultraviolet or UV light can kill germs too. You might have some reservations about how effective UV light is and what types of objects you can disinfect, and we're here to dispel some of the confusion.

Disclaimer: Before we get too far, while UV light can kill off germs, it is not a cure for the novel coronavirus. While a UV light air filter may kill the coronavirus in the air that is not enough to keep you safe. Most infections will happen from surface contact or being near a person who is infected.

Effectiveness of UV Light Disinfection

Disinfecting with UV light is 99.9% effective at getting rid of germs. In fact, this process has been used to disinfect medical facilities and among the military for years.

UV Light Machines and How They Work

You may know that UV light can damage your skin and cause sunburns. The same basic principle applies to viruses and bacteria. UV light can penetrate the microorganism and inactivate the essential proteins that they need to replicate and reproduce.

What You Can Disinfect With UV Light

Some devices can destroy germs in the air that could make you sick. This type of UV machine is an excellent add-on to the HVAC system, which normally only filters out dust and pollen.

We all want to feel safer in our homes by keeping our homes cleaner and eliminating germs. UV light can make your entire house more healthy for you and your family.

There are plenty of options for air filtration and UV is just one of them. HEPA filters are also great options!

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